Heraldic Eagle Medieval mount 1200-1500 A.D. (Code: EM-20)


Size: 18x22 mm
Material: bronze
Source: heraldic pictures

The eagle as a heraldic symbol is typical for the territory of Western Europe during 1300-1500. The heraldic form of eagle is made by a heraldry canons of 14th-15th century.  In medieval times eagle was considered a king of birds and symbolized  veritable royal features: courage, gallantry, mercy.

This heraldic Eagle is 22 long and 11 mm wide. Good idea to decorate medieval belt with it, because belts with mounts were very popular dress accessories in the Middle Ages period.

We offer for sale this bronze-casted historical replica for a very attractive price.

Minimal quantity for one order - 5 pcs

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coating of metal:
Price: 3.50 EUR
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Weight: 0.004 Kg
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