Latin letters mounts 14-15th century (Code: EM-26A-Z)


Length 15 mm

In Middle Times 14-15th century to use letters as decoration of belts and motto collars were rather popular. In our worshop we made the whole Gothic alphabet for you could make you own design of belt.

We have all the Latin alphabet in stock, and offer it for sale.

In the absence of goods in stock you can order it and we will cast during 10-21 days

coating of metal:
Price: 2.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.002 Kg
Mil012S, 13.10.2022
Please send the following letters:
3 x h
6 x o
6 x n
3 x e
9 x s
3 x t
9 x a
3 x u
3 x p
3 x r
3 x m
3 x i
Heinz123, 01.11.2019
Please send me the following letters:
Wenn Gott mit mir, wer ist gegen mich.
2 x W
4 x E
3 x N
3 x G
4 x I
4 x T
1 x O
3 x M
1 x C
1 x H
2 x R
1 x S
johan, 20.03.2019
D 2
i 4
E 3
s 2
R 1
A 2
L 2
Dennis, 25.01.2018
Sturdy, readable, nicely shaped. That's basically all you want for letter mounts. :) As the prongs on the backside can't always be perfectly horizontally or vertically aligned, make sure to carefully measure where you want to make the holes in your leather belt, before punching the holes.
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