Quadrifolia belt mounts 1200-1500 A.D. (Code: EM-08)


Size: 22 x 22 mm
Source: archaeological finding from London Museum

We offer for sale bronze replicas of medieval mounts for belt. This type of mounts was fashionable decoration in the Middle Ages period. Cross-shaped symbol is also placed on some buckles, strap ends and buttons as well. 

Historical gothic design of this mount is based on archaeology sources.

Mount size is 22 x 22 mm, and we recommend to assemble it on belts from 20 to 35 mm wide. 

Minimal quantity for one order - 5 pcs

In the absence of goods in stock you can order it and we will cast during 10-21 days

coating of metal:
20 pcs. - 29 pcs. 2.25 EUR / pcs.
30 pcs. - 49 pcs. 2.18 EUR / pcs.
50 pcs. - 100 pcs. 2.05 EUR / pcs.
Price: 2.50 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.0035 Kg
zendoka, 21.05.2022
Could this be filled with enamel?
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