Springs belt mount 1200-1415 (Code: EM-25)


Size: 35x17 mm
Source: archeaological finding

The mount in the shape of Latin letter "X" or in the shape of spliced spring is very popular Christian symbol from 1200. The "X" shape floral ornament were spread over different kingdoms of Medieval Europe. It is were popular from pagan times and persisted in Christian epoch. It symbolized the beginning of new life and eternity of God. 

Such mounts can decorate and very simple belt for medieval citizen costume and make your knight belt in combination of other type of mounts or by bigger quantity of them.

Minimal quantity for one order - 5 pcs 

coating of metal:
10 pcs. - 19 pcs. 3.60 EUR / pcs.
20 pcs. - 49 pcs. 3.40 EUR / pcs.
50 pcs. - 100 pcs. 3.20 EUR / pcs.
Price: 4.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.007 Kg
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